Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Our dependable team of geospatial experts provides a wide range of services ranging from basic data acquisition, quality control, and visualization to advanced spatial analysis and modeling. We work closely with local, state, and federal government agencies, mines, commercial organizations, utilities, nonprofits, and others to provide geospatial expertise and deliverables that routinely exceed expectations. Geospatial technology is integrated into numerous facets of our work at McGinley, enabling us to innovate and evolve with advancements in geospatial technology constantly. We are proud to offer a wide array of standalone GIS services for any geospatial need, whether simple or complex. You can trust our expert team to deliver when you need it.


Our GIS services include the following:

  • Cartography
  • Mapping
  • Asset Inventory
  • Geospatial Database Development and Management
  • Spatial Data Acquisition and Creation
  • Georeferencing and Digitization
  • Data Collection
  • Remote Sensing
  • Visualization
  • Metadata Management
  • Web Map, Mobile Application, and Dashboard Development
  • Spatial Analysis and Modeling
  • 3D Mapping, Visualization, And Analysis
  • Topographic Workflows
  • Data Transformation and Conversion
  • Interpolation
  • Data Standardization
  • Site Suitability Analysis
  • Map Classification and Object Detection