Drone/UAV Services

We offer a wide array of Drone/UAV services to advance your projects. Whether you need cost-effective high-resolution imagery, topographic mapping, or precise pit lake sampling, we are ready to show you how the latest advances in small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) can transform your projects and save on your bottom line. Our team is underpinned by experienced GIS professionals who can produce a wide array of deliverables fine-tuned to your exact need. Get in touch today to find out how drones can support your projects and redefine what is possible.


LiDAR Point Cloud of the UES Las Vegas office. 

Our drone services include the following:

Pit Lake Sampling

  • Water Column Profiling
  • Sample Depth Optimization
  • Repeatable Sample Collection at Precise Depth and Location

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

  • High-Resolution Imagery and Elevation Acquisition
  • Orthomosaic Production
  • Centimeter-Grade Digital Terrain Models
  • Volume Measurement (Stockpile Inventory, etc.)

Additional Services

  • As-Built Mapping and Delineation
  • Marketing Videography and Photography
  • Site Inspection
  • 3D Modeling
  • Aerial Timelapse Development
  • GNSS Implementation
  • Photopoints
  • Vegetation Mapping

Sampling Mine Pit Lakes with Drones

Mine and environmental safety are critical parts of modern mining practices. McGinley utilizes drone technology to accurately and safely sample pit lakes in Nevada. Watch the video to learn more about water quality sampling with drones.

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