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Our Environmental Engineers & Scientists

Science & Engineering Staff

You will need registered professionals to comply with local, State, and federal regulations. The McGinley & Associates staff experts include:

  • Professional Engineers (P.E.)
  • Professional Geologists (P.G.)
  • Certified Environmental Managers (C.E.M.)
  • Biologists (Wildlife and Botany)
  • Geochemists
  • Hydrogeologists
  • Air Quality Engineers and Specialists
  • Indoor Air Quality Specialists
  • Environmental Field Technicians

We offer licensed professionals for Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Utah.

With current NCEES Records on file, McGinley & Associates is able to quickly obtain comity/reciprocity licensure in any state.

Our Management & Technical Team Offers
Experience, Performance & Results

Joe McGinley

President & CEO, P.E., P.G., C.E.M.

Mr. McGinley is a Professional Engineer (NV), Professional Geologist (CA) and Certified Environmental Manager (NV) with more than 30 years of service to long standing and new clients alike. He has developed experience through a wide range of project types, environmental conditions, and multiple regulatory agency liaisons. Mr. McGinley has a strong background in site characterization, corrective action plan development and in the design and implementation of remedial systems. He is acutely familiar with federal, state and local environmental regulations and has developed a familiar relationship with the administrators of those agencies throughout the West.

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Tony Dimpel

Vice President
Senior Project Manager, P.E., C.E.M.

Mr. Dimpel is a Professional Engineer and Certified Environmental Manager with eight years of professional environmental consulting experience. His primary areas of expertise include project management, regulatory engagement and negotiations, mine site permitting, air quality permitting and dispersion modeling, water discharge permitting, and site assessment and remediation. Mr. Dimpel has experience in managing small to large-scale projects in the mining, energy, industrial, and manufacturing sectors. He possesses a strong working knowledge of virtually all aspects of environmental permitting and compliance and maintains effective relationships with regulatory authorities.

In his role as Vice President of McGinley and Associates he also oversees business operations, business development, client relations, and sustainable growth. He also has a background in engineering research and currently serves as a part-time instructor at the University of Nevada, Reno in the civil and environmental engineering department.

Download Mr. Dimpel’s Résumé

John Snow

Principal – Minerals & Energy

Mr. Snow has 31 years of geothermal and oil and gas exploration, production, and regulatory experience in five western states and Canada. His considerable regulatory experience includes leasing on federal and state lands, correlative rights, spacing orders, hearings, and unitization and pooling agreements. In 2007 Mr. Snow was appointed by the Governor of Nevada to serve as the State’s Geothermal Energy Commissioner for the Commission on Minerals. He currently serves on the Executive Board of the Mackay School of Science, Board Member of the Nevada Bureau of Mining and Geology (NBMG) and the Great Basin Center for Geothermal Development at UNR, and is an active officer and member of a number of professional societies.

Download Mr. Snow’s Résumé

Brett Bottenberg

Operations Manager, Las Vegas, P.E., C.E.M.

Mr. Bottenberg is a State of Nevada Professional Engineer and Certified Environmental Manager with 22 years of experience in environmental engineering and science. His areas of expertise include due diligence, NEPA, environmental permitting and compliance, brownfields redevelopment, remediation, and fate and transport of chemicals in the environment. Mr. Bottenberg’s responsibilities have included regulatory liaison, regulatory reporting, work plan development, sampling and analysis plan development, environmental site assessments, remediation design and implementation, cost estimation and proposals, and project management and oversight. Mr. Bottenberg’s diverse background provides project management experience in both the regulatory and construction industries.

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Tracy Johnston

Senior Remediation Engineer, P.E., C.E.M.

Mr. Johnston is a senior project manager with over 20 years’ experience in civil engineering and environmental projects. Mr. Johnston has served as project manager for numerous Phase II assessments, designing, installing and successfully remediating both hazardous and regulated wastes in soil and groundwater. Some of Mr. Johnston’s remedial designs include advanced in situ oxidation, aerobic/anaerobic biological treatment, air sparging, soil vacuum extraction, intrinsic remediation, dual-phase extraction, and groundwater pump and treat.

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Ryan Defilippi

Staff Engineer, E.I., C.E.M.

Mr. Defilippi is a Civil Engineer with more than eight years of experience in civil engineering and environmental consulting. Mr. Defilippi’s areas of expertise in environmental consulting include project management, environmental due diligence assessments for commercial real estate transactions (Phase I and II environmental site assessments), Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) reporting, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) assessments and abatement oversight (asbestos, lead and mold), technical report writing, cost estimations and proposals, project oversight, analytical data review, and remediation system design and implementation.

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Justin Fike

Project Hydrogeologist, P.G., C.E.M.

Mr. Fike is a Hydrogeologist with over ten years of professional consulting experience. He has a background in civil engineering design, hydrogeology, and construction management, with an emphasis in hydraulic analysis. His wide-ranging responsibilities have included project management, water resources permitting, aquifer testing, comprehensive work plan development, precision mapping and surveying, grading and infrastructure design, drilling oversight, environmental site assessment (ESA), hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, conceptual site model (CSM) development, remedial design and site closure, health and safety (HES) oversight, and comprehensive data trend analysis.

Download Mr. Fike’s Résumé

Caitlin Jelle

Project Engineer, P.E.

Ms. Jelle is a Professional Environmental Engineer with five years of environmental consulting experience. Her areas of expertise include Phase II environmental site assessments (ESAs), remediation of hazardous and regulated wastes in soil, Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) site documentation and remediation, and characterization and management of non-hazardous and regulated wastes. Ms. Jelle’s responsibilities have included comprehensive work plan and report preparation, regulatory liaison, regulatory reporting, permit preparation, and project management as well as field activities including environmental media sampling, drilling oversight, excavation oversight, health and safety management, and site superintendent.

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Dan Pasteris

Environmental Scientist and Geochemist, Ph.D.

Dr. Pasteris is an Environmental Scientist and Geochemist with ten years of experience in applied geology, hydrology, and geochemistry. In the environmental field, Dr. Pasteris has conducted Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) studies, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) hazardous waste determinations and management, preparation of mining permit applications, and baseline hydrological and geochemical studies. His experience in geology, hydrology and geochemistry, gives Dr. Pasteris the versatility to provide a range of environmental technical solutions.

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Benjamin Peterson

Project Manager, GIS Specialist, P.G., C.E.M.

Mr. Peterson is a Professional Geologist and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist with approximately 11 years of professional experience that includes: project management; environmental due diligence assessments for commercial real estate transactions (Phase I and II environmental site assessments); GIS analysis; water resource and groundwater investigations; water well permitting, design and construction; water quality sampling; geologic hazard assessments; and technical report writing. Mr. Peterson’s versatile experience is the result of his eagerness to accept new challenges, combined with his background and education in geoscience, environmental science, and mapping.

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Ally Freitas

Air Quality Engineer, E.I.

Ms. Freitas is an environmental engineer with four years of academic and professional experience in engineering. Ms. Freitas’ areas of expertise include air quality permitting and compliance, air dispersion modeling, water quality, and fate and transport of chemicals in the environment. Ms. Freitas’ responsibilities have included air permitting and compliance work, air dispersion modeling, technical report writing, analytical data review, and conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA).

Download Ms. Freitas’ Résumé

Daniel Saftner

Staff Environmental Geologist, M.S.

Mr. Saftner is an environmental geologist and hydrologist with six years of academic and professional experience. Mr. Saftner’s areas of expertise include aqueous geochemistry, hydrologic modeling, water resource management, GIS, and statistics. His responsibilities include hydrogeologic field investigations, environmental compliance inspections, oversight of drilling and remedial activities, groundwater and geochemical modeling, analytical data review, and technical report writing.

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Gareth Blakemore

Biologist, M.S.

Mr. Blakemore is a Biologist with 14 years of experience conducting biological work for various federal agencies (Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Service, National Park Service), and research universities. This work experience was geared towards the monitoring of federally listed species and their habitat as part of a given recovery or management program. In addition, he has extensive experience conducting biological research in the Great Basin, water quality and wetland monitoring, ecotoxicology studies, aerial telemetry and mine closure surveys. Mr. Blakemore’s unique scientific acumen provides him with a working knowledge of the ecological stressors on western wildlife and the methods for recognizing and mitigating their impacts. Furthermore, he is comfortable navigating the physical and political landscapes of the West, while maintaining close and professional collaboration with State, Federal, Tribal and Private entities towards accomplishing common goals.

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Krista J. Wahnefried

Environmental Scientist

Ms. Wahnefried is an Environmental Scientist with over eight years of experience in environmental consulting and scientific research. Ms. Wahnefried’s expertise in environmental consulting focuses on environmental due diligence assessments for commercial real estate transactions (Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments), water quality monitoring, hazardous material inspections, NEPA Land Use Compliance, natural resource surveys, litigation support, project management, technical report writing, cost estimations, and proposals.

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