Groundwater Modeling

Groundwater modeling may include:

  • Historic records review
  • Data quality assurance
  • Conceptual site model (CSM)
  • Analytic calculations
  • Numerical model development
  • Stochastic and sensitivity analysis
  • Target optimization

Clients include:

  • Attorneys
  • Petroleum Retailers
  • Agricultural Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Aerospace and testing grounds
  • Banks & Lenders
  • Mining Companies

McGinley & Associates personnel have developed models ranging from simple analytical tools to evaluate contaminant migration at UST sites, to large, robust and complex stochastic numerical models to predict water quality for multi-million user resources. MGA routinely uses a full suite of modeling tools to optimize remediation systems for expedited site closures. MGA's modeling team includes elite MODFLOW contributors, bringing world class modeling capabilities to your project.

In addition to groundwater modeling, our team has extensive experience in modeling every environmental media. MGA performs Human Health Risk Assessments (HHRA) to obtain site closures where traditional remediation methods are cost prohibitive or unnecessary, or to calculate viable remediation targets.

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